Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brighten Your Summer

Colourful JEANS is definately in! 

Every major retail shops are splashing colors on display! From top end - mid end - to low end brands are fulfilling the needs of different market levels. For me, am definitely eye-ing myself on mint green/turquoise or yellow (maybe peach!?!?). But so far.. my top list is to have a mint green/turquoise. The issue is.. SO MANY CHOICESWhere to look!?

Finally... I've found the one! I saw a colleague of mine wore this AMAZING peach jeans and it's definately love at first sight!To make it simple it's not an ordinary one. Not only does it have the soft bright summery color but it also has a bit of a rough edge!Honestly, I've never been a fan of this brand but this time.. I'm in Love.. My final pick is: Superdry Slim Fit Powdered Denim.

Pippa Middleton in SUPERDRY Powdered Deni

Well, apparently I'm not the only one, this amazing jeans has been one of the hottest summer essential. One of the uprising fashion's hot shot has been seeing running errands in London wearing Poppy Powdered Denim. For me personally, I'm very much into the Turquoise Powdered Denim!The color strikes through and the powdered details is awesome! :) Definately a summer bargain.