Friday, April 27, 2012

New Addition to the Household

So.. during last easter day, I went to the biggest flea market (Ij-Hallen) at Amsterdam North with my husband and some friends. My main goal was to find some vintage decorations for the house! And the best part.. I've got what I've been wanting for AGES...VINTAGE SUITCASE.
Got it for very reasonable price.. and in perfect condition! You can see the aging of the form and that it's been used (labels, dirt..)! Absolutely love it..............!
There are a lot of things being sold @ Ij-Hallen (some of them are total junks) but if you are very much into vintage hunting.. it's definitely HEAVEN! Hundreds stalls of accessories, furnitures, clothing, jewelries.. all what you can think of. I for sure will come back there ..
So you're around Amsterdam during the Ij-Hallen schedule, do check it out! Next on schedule is 5-6th May. It's so much fun as you can also experience the free boat ride from the stop behind Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam North (when it's nice weather.. it's really nice!!).

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Fashion can be used as a statement for good cause! And since 2008, H&M has been supporting the awareness towards AIDS/HIV by issuing the FASHION AGAINST AIDS collections. This year collection is mostly inspired by African tribal designs. Below you can find overview of H&M FAA 2012 collection:

My personal favorites are the tribal bustier, acid short jeans and the tribal legging! I'm so going to check myself inside H&M this weekend and try them up! Well at least, if I'm buying, they will go to charity. H&M confirms that 25% of its revenues will be given to AIDS/HIV awareness projects.

In addition to that, you can also help by donating uploading your kiss . JOIN!!!!!! Go to the link and upload your kiss. H&M will donate to HIV/AIDS prevention for every upload $1! I, myself uploaded the picture which was taken before I got married! It's a picture with my parents .. I Love it so much.. 
Collection is out April 26th 2012. Go check your nearest H&M stores or online and support Fashion Against AIDS!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spotlight: Tove Adman

My husband and I have been looking for a while for a simple long hanging lamp to fulfill our living room area and we've finally found this Edison lamp by Tove AdmanSo simple and yet beautiful.
Further to my finding of the Edison Lamp, I browse through her collections and it's just incredible. Some of you who know me very well for sure aware of my passion for Scandinavian designs. They just fit perfectly to my taste (from simple designs to colorful patterns). Sweden born Adman manages to combine unusual materials to different forms yet making them functional and beautiful. Below you can find her other designs which I love dearly.
In addition to that, I have to also include the ads which I found in her website! These 2 are my fave .. they represent the simplicity of life and happiness!
Now I just need to find the Edison lamp in Holland (any suggestion?)? If not, online shopping it is but for sure I will have that Edison concrete lamp hangs on my living room wall! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Je t'aime La Marelle

Today as I went to the city centre @ Amsterdam, I passed by a store which sells must have gadgets called By Popular Demand (BPD) at the corner of Spuistraat en de Raadhuisstraat. There are a lot of cute things sold but one brand which caught my attention immediately is La Marelle.
The first thing I saw when I walked in was the list of notebooks. They sell La Marelle 3 packs of notebooks and the travel notebook (it's filled with different pages with cute images) which is definitely one notebook you want to have when you're traveling! 
And then I saw the rack of I-phone case and OMG! It's so.. adorable (and the price is really ok!) and at that specific moment, I really wished that I had an I-phone instead of Blackberry!
Well after the visit, I went directly online to check the website. This French based brand has so many to offer! From stationary, home decorations, accessories, jewelries, to the cutest paper lanterns. For me personally, I'm head over heels over this cloud necklace, ribbon brooch (which I found in the website) and the paper lanterns!
(necklace, ribbon brooch and paper lanterns, images: la marelle)

Je t'aime La Marelle!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hidden Gem of Amsterdam.. Restaurant Fyra

Fyra is definitely one of Amsterdam's best kept secret restaurants. Hidden down one of the side streets of Vijzelstraat, it is not one of the restaurants that you stumble upon when you're walking around but you need to know it.

Though no Michelin star obtains, Fyra is above the standards of an ordinary restaurant. Everything about it screams AMAZING! The quality of food is at top notch (even better than some of the Michelin restaurants I've tasted).The wines' origins aren't ordinary (but delicious), example from Greece, Moldova, Bulgaria and my ultimate favorite is the Dutch sparkling Riesling which is normally served as aperetief. Service is very welcoming and friendly. It's so easy going that it feels like you are eating dinner at HOME!

Weekly menu (4 courses) = 38 euros and Chef's menu (5 courses) = 55 euros
The menu is differing every week based on fresh ingredients that the restaurant finds! Before your starter comes, you will get amuse bouche of a small, savory macaron with a filling of smoked herring and pickle flavored creme combines with coconut soup and crackers made from squid's ink. In addition to that fresh home made brioche (super yumm.. all those butter) is provided (and best part you can ask for more)! The menu's combinations are well thought and the portions are perfect in size.

If you decide to order out of the weekly menu, make sure to either try the black angus steak or the braised veal. They are TO DIE FOR! 
Fyra is definitely worth a visit (click picture on direct link to the website). One advise: DO RESERVE! and you are planning to go in the weekend, reserve in advance as weekend is normally fully booked.
ENJOY! and let me know what you think once you've gone there..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Song for Thursday

Incredibly Beautiful

Museum of Flight - Damien Jurado

And for those of you who are in the Netherlands on 12th August (unfortunately I won't be here as I'll be in France for a friend's wedding)... DAMIEN JURADO is playing at Tivoli, Utrecht.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Channeling Coachella 2012

What's Coachella for those of you who don't know!?

Coachella is an annual 3 days music, art festival which takes place @ Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It's one of those festivals where you can find not only big names in music industry but also lots of celebrities wandering around, celebrating the atmosphere! For me personally, Coachella is an event to spot amazing outfits!

If you've been surfing around to check out the outfits surrounding Coachella, you definitely find lots of thumbs up and also some which you might be thinking.."* WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING"!*??

Browsing through the Coachella's 2012 (week 1) gallery, I've chosen some of my favorites! From celebrities' look, my main pick goes to model Dree Hemingway! I fell in  when I saw her in Mulberry Pool Party with the Dolce and Gabbana bustier and skirt. She was not trying too hard with all the 'hippies' wannabe look. Keep it simple but still playful, fresh, chic and ofcourse.. festival street style! 
Second one is Kate Bosworth. That girl knows how to bring the hotness of 'street' outfit! The white flowery blouse she wore on the 4th picture is to die for.

The main offender for me is Vanessa Hudgens. Looking at how she dressed up.. she seemed like a 'hippie' wannabe or whatever it was (especially with that 'indian's hat!?!? the make up... OMG) so not natural for her (even Paris Hilton looks normal compares to her)! If she kept it simple, I bet she would look fabulous!
But in general, Coachella is a fashion ground! I've put on a collage of outfits which bring the energy of Coachella alive!
Though Coachella 2012 has ended, it's the sign for the start of festival's season throughout the world! In Holland itself, there will be numerous festivals starting from this April (unfortunately I'll be going to none though I would love to go to Lowlands this year since BLOC PARTY is playing!). Well as tickets are sold out and money is low .. I'll be just putting 5 list of outfits/accessories that represent the 'festival' life (besides all the necessary like rain boots, rain coats, etc):

1. Short denim pants
2. Chuck Taylor All Start (the older the better)
3. Tank Top
4. Hairbands
5. Sunglasses

Thumbs up for you guys who are going to any festival in 2012! Don't forget to enjoy dressing up.. :)


(and it's FABULOUS!)

Unfortunately, we have to wait a while before getting it (unlike some 'lucky' one as below example: Kate Bosworth wore it @ Coachella Mulberry Pool Party). WANT IT!

But until then.. fall 2012 it is... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gloomy Amsterdam..

Doesn't stop for people to give free things .... (the beauty of sharing) .. 

Sunday Love

DEFAULT "BIG LOVE" to Django Django

Bánh Mì den Himmel

Though it was already 2 months ago, I just have to re-express my unforgettable experience @ this place when I visited Berlin back in February 2012. As amazing as the city, this small deli place in the middle of Mitte area is definitely a Bánh ami heaven!

A colleague of mine from work recommended me this place and told me to go for lunch! They have different types of Bánh Mi and also some fresh salads. Located at Rosenthalerstr. 2, Cô Cô BÁNH MÌ DELI opens 7 days a week (and the best part, they close late so, you can even go there for dinner or night snacks)!

The interior of the deli is super cute, playfully decorated with modern elements and Asian's influence, Cô Cô makes a colorful statement by using its selling products, hence keep it all simple and clean.

Seats are quite limited, only 1 long table with couple of high chairs and a table against the windows with 4 chairs. It's really nice to sit in (also free Wi-Fi) but it's a perfect grab-to-go place also!

And trust me, the taste is AMAZING! My husband and I could not resist not to go two days in a row! We didn't want to leave Berlin before we ate here again (although we were quite full on the last day)! For me personally, I love the Cô Cô Classic Bahn Mi (even I get hungry just by writing and looking at my old pictures)!

So my suggestion.. DON'T EVER CONSIDER TO SKIP THIS PLACE when you are in Berlin! It's definitely worth a visit and ofcourse... TO EAT!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff

Over the past years, Rebecca Minkoff has gained a lot of recognitions from fashion lovers. San Diego born Rebecca started designing and sewing clothes from elementary through high school and with her passion towards fashion, she then decided to pursue her fashion career in New York.

Rebecca's fame started to raise in 2005 when she introduced her purse line. Her main focus was to create purses that fit well day and night in all types of outfits and main important thing .. FASHIONABLY AFFORDABLE!

Since then, Rebecca Minkoff's hand bags can be spotted everywhere! The Minkette's community has been getting bigger and bigger.. even A-list celebrities are part of the Minkette's.

So what is the top-notch of Rebecca Minkoff's collection? Truly, I can't pick one, too many that I like.. But if I have to choose from her latest line.. here are my top list:

1. Circle Quilt Swint
Classic style (black - chain, reminds me to Chanel to some extend but in a more young and playful way)

2. M.A.C (all of them.. mini or standard size)
This is one essential to have Minkoff's collection. For me personally, I really like the Ostrich Embossed M.A.C. Bombe and the Perf Weave M.A.C. (like what Jennifer Lawrence has)! So adorbs...

Ostrich Embossed M.A.C. Bombe

Perf Weave M.A.C

3. 5-Zip Clutch
Last but not least.. the super cute 5-Zip Clutch! Simple but has the edgy look! Love it.. 

Well, other than all those amazing bags, I'm also in love with the Bardot Sandals. It has 3 different colors.. (and I admit I want them all)! They are perfect for summer!

Arghhh.. more list to check when I'm off to NYC next month! :) :) til' then, I will just browse through the website and day dream of being a Minkette!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Can't help myself .. !! more love each time..
Definitely helps me moving myself towards the WEEKEND!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gloomy Monday .. Beat up with..

Of Monsters and Men 

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

I've noticed Jennifer from The Winter's Bone and have since love her.. and ofcourse since I'm a big Hunger Games' fan, can't help it to even like her more!

What I love about Jennifer Lawrence is that she does not seem to fall on the 'standard' Hollywood wannabe actress! She doesn't seek for attentions, very much comfortable with herself and trying to live life ordinary. One other thing.. she's one healthy woman (not trying to be a 'stick' as everyone else)! In addition to that, OMG..her face is gorgeous, she has the 'classical' look which is to die for. Even without makeup, I find her so cute! 

Talking about her fashion sense, she knows exactly what's good and not for her! Red carpets for Jennifer always end up as FLAWLESS results and in daily life, she is more on the simplicity side)!

Check out the below list of Jennifer's looks for her Hunger Games Promotional Tour. I can't pick which one I love the best but I definitely love what she wore for the London, Good Morning America and Madrid event!

All of that in combination with her acting skills.. she's definitely one to watch for......

The Rising of... Other Lives

The Other Lives

Originally formed under the name Kunek, Oklahoma based indie band Other Lives start to gain recognition after John Mayer added one of their songs in his MySpace track list and then list of famous prime time TV shows such as Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy use their song in of of their episodes. The band includes main musical composer Jesse Tabish (piano, guitar, lead vocals), Jenny Hsu (cello, piano, castanets, backing vocals), Colby Owens (drums). Later, Josh Onstott (bass, organ, backing vocals) and Jonathon Mooney (piano, violin, guitar).

In their latest album Tamer Animals, Other Lives provides a combination of beautiful instruments with  the powerful voice of Jesse, a combination of folk and classical music. Check out below the official video of Tamer Animals.. one word: BEAUTIFUL!

For myself, I'm so excited I will be seeing them in 3rd July @ Tivoli, Utrecht (unfortunately, I missed their gig @ Melkweg). Can't wait!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Asian Upsurge

Over the past years, we've heard and seen the uprising of young American designers with Asian background. And they are definitely giving different edge in the fashion world! Far from classical designs, they are not afraid in going mainstream with their cool, youth and edgy designs! Moving their way from the different streams that Anna Sui and Vera Wang have brought or the avant-garde works of Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, these 4 designers are so talented that I just have to write my admiration towards them:

So here are my top AmRasians:

1. Phillip Lim
My love for Phillip Lim has grown over the last 1 year.. and by now, I'm HEAD OVER HEELS! I will be honest.. it's love at first sight. The love appeared when I first saw 'Pashli Bag' in green for his FW11 collection. I just can't take my eyes of it.

Born in 1973 in Thailand with Chinese ancestry, Phillip Lim has built a household name in fashion with his 3.1. label. List of celebrities have been spotted wearing his creations ranging from apparel to accessories.

For me personally, his collections for 2012 have been my favourite, especially the HOUR Bag. I've been dying to see this bag in personally (can't find it so far in Amsterdam) and ofcourse, to see if it looks good on me (which is definitely going to make it really hard for me to let it go and I will end up buying it) :)

Other than that, I love the slim fit acid jeans which I saw in the website! Argh.. I think it will be very hard for me to get out empty handed from the flagship store in New York :)

2. Alexander Wang
CHICH mix with ROCK GRUNGE! that's what I see when I think of Alexander Wang. Born to Taiwanese parents, Alexander Wang launched his first collection in 2007 and has since been sub-merging as one of the most talk about designers.

It's quite hard not to notice the craziness when Rocco was first introduced! A-lister celebrities have been seen carrying it everywhere and since then not only has Rocco becomes a must have 'classic' bag but also.. reviving the importance of STUDS in the fashion world!Other than Rocco, Alexander also made quite an entrance with the introduction of Diego, Robyn and Kirsten collections on his bags' line.

On the apparel side, Alexander Wang is mainly focusing so far on Ready-to-Wear collections (including the cheaper range of T-by Alexander Wang). Ooo not to forgetting, his footwear collections are FLAWLESS! Love Love Love.. (below is my current fave hot list that I really want from his new collection JOELLE).

3. Derek Lam
Born in San Francisco from Chinese Ancestry, Derek Lam was known previously as the vice president of design for Michael Kors' Kors line. In 2003, Derek Lam started his own label which is mainly focusing on Ready-to-Wear collections. In addition to his own label, Lam is currently Tod's creative director for its ready-to-wear and accessories collections.

So far I've not yet seen a store in Amsterdam where I can find his collections but always when I browse through his website, my jaw drops! They are so beautiful..His ready-to-wear collections (not that I have the money to buy it), well if I do.. I definitely don't mind :). Just take a look at the below, they are amazing! The colors, the cutting.. simple, playful and yet sassy!

And in regards to my fave bag from Derek Lam, for sure, the award will go to the Small Anthea bag.

4. Jason Wu
The man behind Michelle Obama's dress @  inaugural balls on the night of President Barrack Obama's inauguration. But before he was making dresses for Michelle Obama, believe it or not.. Wu was all about Dolls! Yup,Wu started his career free lancing as doll's clothing design and now he has emerged as a designer with elegance and sophistication.

As I'm very very very much into bags, ofcourse I have to show the eye-catcher Wu's Daphne bag which I find so ADORBS! This bag is inspired 40's frame bag with modern touch and then named from model Daphne Groeneveld (HOORAAY HOLLAND).

Well that's about it, my summary of these 4 designers! Now is time for me to save up and decide what I will bring next month home from NYC!