Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Shopping Spree

Woke up this morning with standard Amsterdam weather.. .. a grey day, but definitely not stopping me from my eagerness to step outside and SHOP!

My plan was to buy an H&M jacket which I saw last week and felt totally in love with. Unfortunately, it's not meant to be! As cool and beautiful as it is.. unfortunately doesn't suit me at all! :( The length of the arms is too long and the shoulders look weird on me! Super sad face but I had to move on..
So I said goodbye went to ZARA since I haven't been to ZARA at all this year. And VOILA! OMG... their collections are AMAZING... Can't help myself to score three outfits DIRECTLY!
Boyfriend Inspired Blazer
Golden Black/Flower Kimono Inspired Blazer
Geometric 80's Inspired Sweater

In general, I had to drag myself out from ZARA today.. if not, I might ended up spending A LOT of my salary's portion this month! PHEW.... but can't help it! THEY ARE ADORBS!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Moment of Truth: Bloc Party Live @ Melkweg

Finally.. after almost 4 years of waiting impatiently for Bloc Party to come back from their hiatus, release a new album and have a concert, I got what I wished for..

Having moved their concert's location from Heineken Music Hall to Melkweg (which was definitely one good move since I hate big concert halls), Bloc Party had 2 concert days (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th Feb). Truly as a die hard, I was about to buy tickets for both days (got myself first the sold out ticket on Saturday and had myself thinking to buy also for friday), but since I had an appointment already for friday night, I ended up only going to the Saturday one with my hubby (who's as DIE HARD as I am).
The door was opened at 19.30, me and hubby came at 18.30! We were the third people waiting in line in front of the door! Sooo coooolllddd waiting outside but all worth the wait as we got to stand in front of the stage.

Opening act for the night: Joy Formidable, a Welsh alternative rock band consists of 3 members.
Verdict: not bad (very energetic people), but not really something that I'll be head over heels. After a while for me, all the songs are quite similar (or maybe I was just too excited to see Bloc Party).

Then after around 20 minutes waiting, Bloc Party went on stage. It was so amazing to see them back together and the best part, the first song that they sang was SO HERE WE ARE. I first heard the name Bloc Party from that song!!!!!!!!!!! It was for me an AMAZING feeling..

They had their show for almost 1 hour 45 minutes, playing different songs from Silent Alarm until the last album Four. The truth is I'm not the biggest fan of Four so was a bit afraid they will put focus on promoting the latest album but that was definitely not the case. All the songs which I wanted to hear were played (unfortunately no I Still Remember). And when they played This Modern Love (which was our wedding song and my absolute song of all time) -> MAGIC! They ended their song with Helicopter and the crowds went CRAZY!

In general, I couldn't ask for a better one! It's one of hell of a COMEBACK from Bloc Party. They can never get old and you just grow to love them more and more!
Can't wait to have them back soon........

And here to enjoy the Bloc Party perfection.....


Spotted: Little Collins

The latest addition to Amsterdam HOT SPOT.. Little Collins!
Located in one of the most happening area in Amsterdam (De Pijp), Little Collins is definitely one of the most happening hangout lunch and dinner place! When you step in, you can see quite trendy and hip crowds. With Australian owners, Little Collins gives a different flavour to standard Amsterdam restaurants.

I knew this place from a friend who's a pork lover. She told me about the possibility to enjoy pork belly (well.. you can count where you can get a good pork belly in Amsterdam). My verdict: not that bad. Still not comparable to Momofuku's taste but it's good enough for me! Portion wise is quite small but for lunch is more than enough. I haven't been there for dinner but the concept is more a sharing dinner (some kind of tapas).

I got myself the sweet and sour pork (yummm.. love it), the only thing for me is that I prefer to have the sauce separately due to it's sweetness (not that fond of too sweet food), but no complaint at all. My hubby got the Little Collins' big one, which is kind a similar to English breakfast and he loves it.

Definitely coming back VERY VERY SOON!

1e Sweelickstraat 19-F


Saturday, February 16, 2013


For preparing the anticipated concert (which I've been waiting for like 3 years) tonight @ Melkweg
My ultimate band of all time...............BLOC PARTY
Can't wait.. can't wait... too much excitement!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Pick Up

I'm definitely not a Valentine type but.. to celebrate..

The best cover ever of the classic love song..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Week Obsession

This week is definitely my Phoenix addiction... specifically to ROME

Living Up the Sunday!

Outfit of today...
Jumper: Primark
Tribal short denim pants: Primark
Necklace: Forever21
Hat: Ben Sherman (stolen from my hubby :p)


A Delightful Saturday in Amsterdam

Yesterday was definitely one of the days which makes me realise how LUCKY I am to be living in the wonderful city of Amsterdam! Truly, I haven't been enjoying Amsterdam that much in 2013. Just got back from Indonesia mid-January then off to London the weekend after, yesterday was truly my first ENJOYABLE saturday in Amsterdam. 

First of all... who can deny the Beauty of the canals especially when snow started to fall.. 

To start my out and about in the city... I went to my usual coffee spot De Koffie Salon whilst waiting for my hubby to finish up his meeting.
Spotted on me yesterday: 
Stepping out from De Koffie Salon, I cannot not stop by and check it out! It's my latest addiction and new eye candy.. MARCbyMARCJACOBS store at Utrechtsestraat.
Afterwards, we went to pick my parents in law who were in town yesterday to have a romantic weekend! I find it so sweet.. :) they are staying in The Floating Hotel. To make it better, I brought them to De Bakkerswinkel, my fave luncheon in Amsterdam.
I had a Quiche Lorraine and ofcourse, we had to order the amazing Scones! Yummm happy belly..... I definitely recommend De Bakkerswinkel if you stop by in Amsterdam and don't mind to wait a bit (unless you make reservation in advance) to do a high tea or just sit for a super nice lunch.

Missing out the 'alcohol', we all went straight to Wynand Fockink. Open in 1679, Wynand Fockink is one of the oldest liqueur tasting place in Holland. Never mind the busy tourists waiting in front of the bar not knowing what to order and not moving from their spot :), if you know what you want.. just walk straight and make your way through! It's one of the places you have to go for a liqueur try out in Amsterdam.
Being the good wife and a shopping advisor, I wouldn't miss the chance to go for a quick shop with my hubby who needed a new pair of pants badly. We went to Carhartt and he found such a good bargain!   He got himself a nice burgundy pants for only 44.50 euros.. 
To end our beautiful evening, we had a lovely dinner at Loetje. Though we had to wait for almost 40 minutes for a table (you can never reserve if it's under 6 people). It's SOOOO worthed! How can you not love the look of the steak :).
In overall, one successful weekend! And to end the amazing day.. we walked through Amstel at night. How can you not fall in love head over heels to Amsterdam.