Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Week Addiction...

The Hives - Go Right Ahead

Walk the Moon and FUN @ MELKWEG!

So excited... Walk the Moon and Fun will play at Melkweg at the same night!!!

Make sure your tickets are booked!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Extra Ordinary 8 Days in NYC

After all these years, I finally fulfilled my long time dream .. visiting NYC! It's just like what I have expected all of my life. As of my first time, I'm definitely head over heels and it's love at first sight! We stayed in a charming hotel in midtown west ( can't be even safer as the police station is next to the hotel :) ). It's called TRYP and I can only give great comments about it (super clean, free wi-fi, friendly staffs and they even gave free coupons for free surprises at the bar + the bar is nice, drinks are affordable)! Location is perfect (away from all the busy time square madness but still so close), 1 block away from Hell's Kitchen and subway is just there...
We went through all the amazing places which NY has and I've picked from our pictures' collections (believe me, it's extremely hard.. since we have A LOT and everything is memorable)! Weather had been very keen and wonderful to us and we were there at right timing since it's not too touristy crowded (even no line @ MOMA)!
New York is definitely captivated! I love deeply the west area (hands up to CHELSEA HIGH LINE) and Brooklyn has also caught my attention greatly (def I will explore more the next time I'm going to NY). Shopping is HEAVEN! I still have to write about my shopping spree (I think I have used all my bonuses this year on that) :) well.. I don't go to NYC every month.. so WHY NOT! AND the food (also full report will follow).. GOSH.. I MISS SHAKE SHACK! I envy you guys who have SHAKE SHACK around the corner.

Only one sentence to sum up...

Friday, May 18, 2012

TOMS for the WORLD

Espadrille... is definitely not a stranger to ultimate spring/summer foot wear in Europe, but the brand TOMS is practically 'unknown'! Through my whole 10 days trip to the States, I got acquaintance to this remarkable brand and the story behind it!
I first noticed how this brand after spotting someone wearing it at least once every couple of hundred meters in the States and also from celebrities' trend.
And as I stopped by at Urban Outfitters, they have so many selections that you can choose from different colors! I gave up myself and in the end bought it after I had misfortune on my right feet (super huge blister from my sneakers)! This purchase was definitely one of the best decisions I've made during my trip! And I also hit the jackpot! I'm a size 5 and it's practically impossible to find TOMS in small size! I was so lucky to find a pair of size 5 in super cute yellow color (even the sales assistance at Urban Outfitters was so jealous of me since I managed to find one)! Truly I made it through my whole walking trip in NYC because of my TOMS, so COMFY and blister free!
The best thing about TOMS is that you are making a donation for every purchase that you're making! It's stated on the label that 'With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need'.

So the big question for the peeps in EUROPE, where can we GET TOMS!? So far, in Amsterdam I have not yet spotted any retail store yet that sells TOMS (I know for sure soon it will be huge since there has been coverage in Holland about TOMS) but some online retail store has already been selling TOMS although it's quite hard as they have been sold out everywhere (only big sizes available). But definitely try ASOS UK. They have quite some colors and collections available.

Myself personally, this will not be my only TOMS! I know for sure there will be more TOMS on the way........ such as these below ..


Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Are Augustines Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam!

Fresh from the source (NYC stories will have to wait since I am still super excited from yesterday)!
So finally.. after waiting all these months, I managed to see We Are Augustines live @ Paradiso yesterday! It was AAAMAAAZZZIINGG! (even some friends of mine who went there and have no clue of who they are found them very good!). The best part was that they were playing @de kleine zaal (small venue) @ Paradiso, so.. it was a very intimate concert! I was literally standing in front of the stage.
They started the show by singing Philadelphia followed by another 9 songs before the break and they ended the concert by singing (of course) Chapel Song. Here is the full list yesterday songs:
Billy's voice is AMAZING in live! and when they sang Book of James! that killed it for me.. I was in AWE! Tried to upload the video directly to this blog but I keep on getting an error message, so I uploaded it into youtube and.. voila..
And the biggest surprise of the night.. literally my friends and I were all hanging by the bar at the venue and then there they were! All 3 of them, hang around with all the people left at the venue! I managed to take picture with Billy and got signature of them all (thanks for a special help from my friend Elya)!
So it was an AWESOME night peeps! a good way to start my long weekend break and to finish the chapter of my NYC travel (ofcourse.. by seeing a NY band)! ..

Back From Hiatus!

Hi all..

I'm back.. fresh from NYC!! so this means.. A LOT OF UPDATES!

Friday, May 4, 2012

NYC .. NYC.. NYC Wish List!

Towards my NY journey, these are my 10 (not in order.. as I can't make out my mind on the importance) out of ordinary must do NYC list that I can't wait to experience..

1. Eleven Madison Park
We manage to make reservation!! yay... so much excitement of 19 tasting menu! (thinking about it.. it makes me full)! Review will follow once we've tasted it :)
2. Step my foot in 3.1. Phillip Lim
FINALLY.. I can step myself into 115 Mercer Street. I can't wait to see all my Phillip Lim's wish list with my own eyes (hopefully my credit card can handle)
3. Exploring the Marc Jacob's experience
Go to West Village and explore the whole Marc Jacobs' chains ...
4. Standing in line for Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale (PERFECT TIMING)!
5. Walking through high lane 
6. Getting greasy and yummy @ Burger Joint and Shake Shack
7. Visit Carrie's house @ West Village 
.. well I wonder if I will manage to drag my husband to do this...
8. Wear little black dress, hair high up, hold a coffee and croissant and pose in front of Tiffany's @ Fifth Avenue
9. If we manage... wake up before sun rises, walk through Brooklyn Bridge and watch the sun rises @ Brooklyn Heights Promenade
10. and if time is still nice to me, I will love to check out Brooklyn Flea as I'm a sucker of vintage...

I can't wait.. too much excitements.. but full report will follow after the visit and we will see what can be ticked out of those 10 things mentioned!