Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waiting for Forever

Back from my super long blog vacation.. what will be my first..
So, it's typical lonely saturday night not doing anything.. hubby at work and HBO as my best friend! There's this movie playing with Rachel Bilson and I do like her, so why not.. no expectation! End verdict,  I LOVE IT!!! This is one of those under-rated indie movies which is truly touching. Not cheesy and definitely not your 'typical' American love story.

Will (Tom Sturridge) and Emma (Rachel Bilson) were childhood friends and to her knowledge they have lost contact for years! Little has she known that Will has been following her in every town which she has lived (but not in a creepy way). Emma who is now an actress decided to go back to her hometown to accompany her dying father whilst Will decides that it's time for him to finally talk to Emma and declares his undying love. Unfortunately, it's not that easy taking into consideration that Emma has a turbulent relationship with her current boyfriend and all other situations surrounding the life of both of them.

Looking at critics' reviews, they seem to be low at ratings but trust me, it's a movie worth seeing! I smiled at the end of the movie, almost crying.. not because it's sad but such a heart fulfilling happiness (haven't felt like this for a while since 500 Days of Summer). And if you hear one of the songs from the movie, so beautiful that makes you really wanna cry even more. Loving it ..

The Mostart Diving Club - Worlds Apart

Watch it!

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