Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Are Augustines Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam!

Fresh from the source (NYC stories will have to wait since I am still super excited from yesterday)!
So finally.. after waiting all these months, I managed to see We Are Augustines live @ Paradiso yesterday! It was AAAMAAAZZZIINGG! (even some friends of mine who went there and have no clue of who they are found them very good!). The best part was that they were playing @de kleine zaal (small venue) @ Paradiso, so.. it was a very intimate concert! I was literally standing in front of the stage.
They started the show by singing Philadelphia followed by another 9 songs before the break and they ended the concert by singing (of course) Chapel Song. Here is the full list yesterday songs:
Billy's voice is AMAZING in live! and when they sang Book of James! that killed it for me.. I was in AWE! Tried to upload the video directly to this blog but I keep on getting an error message, so I uploaded it into youtube and.. voila..
And the biggest surprise of the night.. literally my friends and I were all hanging by the bar at the venue and then there they were! All 3 of them, hang around with all the people left at the venue! I managed to take picture with Billy and got signature of them all (thanks for a special help from my friend Elya)!
So it was an AWESOME night peeps! a good way to start my long weekend break and to finish the chapter of my NYC travel (ofcourse.. by seeing a NY band)! ..

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