Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Shopping Spree

Woke up this morning with standard Amsterdam weather.. .. a grey day, but definitely not stopping me from my eagerness to step outside and SHOP!

My plan was to buy an H&M jacket which I saw last week and felt totally in love with. Unfortunately, it's not meant to be! As cool and beautiful as it is.. unfortunately doesn't suit me at all! :( The length of the arms is too long and the shoulders look weird on me! Super sad face but I had to move on..
So I said goodbye went to ZARA since I haven't been to ZARA at all this year. And VOILA! OMG... their collections are AMAZING... Can't help myself to score three outfits DIRECTLY!
Boyfriend Inspired Blazer
Golden Black/Flower Kimono Inspired Blazer
Geometric 80's Inspired Sweater

In general, I had to drag myself out from ZARA today.. if not, I might ended up spending A LOT of my salary's portion this month! PHEW.... but can't help it! THEY ARE ADORBS!


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