Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Moment of Truth: Bloc Party Live @ Melkweg

Finally.. after almost 4 years of waiting impatiently for Bloc Party to come back from their hiatus, release a new album and have a concert, I got what I wished for..

Having moved their concert's location from Heineken Music Hall to Melkweg (which was definitely one good move since I hate big concert halls), Bloc Party had 2 concert days (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th Feb). Truly as a die hard, I was about to buy tickets for both days (got myself first the sold out ticket on Saturday and had myself thinking to buy also for friday), but since I had an appointment already for friday night, I ended up only going to the Saturday one with my hubby (who's as DIE HARD as I am).
The door was opened at 19.30, me and hubby came at 18.30! We were the third people waiting in line in front of the door! Sooo coooolllddd waiting outside but all worth the wait as we got to stand in front of the stage.

Opening act for the night: Joy Formidable, a Welsh alternative rock band consists of 3 members.
Verdict: not bad (very energetic people), but not really something that I'll be head over heels. After a while for me, all the songs are quite similar (or maybe I was just too excited to see Bloc Party).

Then after around 20 minutes waiting, Bloc Party went on stage. It was so amazing to see them back together and the best part, the first song that they sang was SO HERE WE ARE. I first heard the name Bloc Party from that song!!!!!!!!!!! It was for me an AMAZING feeling..

They had their show for almost 1 hour 45 minutes, playing different songs from Silent Alarm until the last album Four. The truth is I'm not the biggest fan of Four so was a bit afraid they will put focus on promoting the latest album but that was definitely not the case. All the songs which I wanted to hear were played (unfortunately no I Still Remember). And when they played This Modern Love (which was our wedding song and my absolute song of all time) -> MAGIC! They ended their song with Helicopter and the crowds went CRAZY!

In general, I couldn't ask for a better one! It's one of hell of a COMEBACK from Bloc Party. They can never get old and you just grow to love them more and more!
Can't wait to have them back soon........

And here to enjoy the Bloc Party perfection.....


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