Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting Up the New Year

Made a promise to myself that I'll be better with my blog starting from this year! Have to get rid off my laziness... :D and best way to start my first post is in regards to my AMAZING NEW YEAR BARGAINS!
1. French Connection Sparkling Cardigan
2. Balenciaga Leather Bracelet
3. Won Hundred Loafers

The first hunt was my Balenciaga bracelet. I've been wanting a leather bracelet for SOOOO LONG (either Balenciaga or Mulberry) and it was just there, just there..standing there waiting for me to buy it with 40% off. How can I say no.. 
Then I went on a shopping spree to London last weekend with my best friend (Keita) for our 30th birthday gift! Went around Oxford and stopped by at French Connection! Found this amazing peach sparkling cardigan which was on sale from 175 pounds into 31 POUNDS. How can I say No to that..! It looks Perfect, SUPER PERFECT for my going out that night. Which was ofcourse an AMAZING night! We met with our dear friend Alise who is now living and working in London. 
Last but not least is my unexpected buying! After meeting up with some friends for dim sum, hubby and I went to check the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store (since I need to get iphone case for my iphone 5). Afterwards I made a quick stop at Centre Neuf to check their final sale before heading to one of my fave coffee place ..De Koffie Salon@Utrechtsestraat. There it was, such beautiful black loafers (I'm a sucker for black shoes .. and mostly MANLY shoes)! They are from WON HUNDRED and was on sale from 280 EUROS to 84 EUROS. Can you say No to that??? So though my feet are size 35 and the smallest is size 36, I don't care!! Put some paddings in.. and.. VOILA!
It's a good sign for a good year! and.. I'm back to the blogging life... :) :)


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