Friday, June 1, 2012

Find Your 'Me' Time - Recommending: The City Street Spa Amsterdam

It's all started back when my husband told me he's going to Metallica concert at Werchter Boutique on May 28th in Belgium. He asked me to join with his colleagues but as I'm not the biggest fan of Metallica, I refused.. :) - well some people think I was crazy to miss it.. but..  well.. :)

So knowing that I'll be all alone on a public holiday, I decided to do a 'Me' Time which was literally pampering myself with beauty care! The week before, I passed by this spa centre @ Prinsengracht  with my cousin and decided to book an appointment for Pedicure (as my feet are completely destroyed after walking non-stop in New York) and a facial. It was impressive.. The City Street Spa Amsterdam is truly a WONDERFUL experience!
The decor of The City Street Spa is very modern yet minimalistic. Colored mainly in white, it gives a very clean and calming feeling when you step in. They asked me directly if I wanted to change to a bath robe and put me on slippers and whilst I was changing, they were preparing for my drinks and fresh blueberries. In front of the reception desk, you'll find the pedicure and manicure spot. In the middle of the place they have the waiting room which is beautifully furnished. And at the far end, you can spot the round shape Oxygen Bubble (it's the only place in Amsterdam where they have it) where you can breath pure air (20 Euro per hour).
The facial was IMPRESSIVE! It's so hard to find a really good place in Amsterdam for facial. I once went to Just Wellness at Nieuwe Leliestraat in Amsterdam for facial and I was not impressed. I am a massive fan for Dermalogica facial and when I was living in Rotterdam, they have this exquisite Dermalogica clinic which I love dearly (and I miss it dearly in Amsterdam). So I've been trying so hard to find one that can top up the facial which I experienced in Rotterdam and I am proudly admitted that I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT (even better as the whole environment in The City Street Spa is amazing). They have different facial packages (with different beauty products) but as I only want Dermalogica, I chose for the 60 minutes Face Mapping Treatment. 
The treatment room is fairly huge (even with shower room - I guess for people who want to shower after massaging) and when they are doing you're treatment they will put on this relaxing music (which mainly makes you fall asleep until you realize they are extracting your pimples).I won't say that my pedicure is that special (I was hoping more on taking care of my feet and removing hard skin,etc rather than making my nail polish pretty) but definitely I recommend you all to try the Facial there! Totally worth the money (I have even booked my second treatment for next month) and I am planning to try the Intensive Muscle Release Massage.

So whether you are living in Amsterdam or visiting Amsterdam and if you want some 'me' time for relaxing and do nothing, try The City Street Spa Amsterdam.

Doing Nothing Never Felt So Good

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  1. Their massages are good, but only two of the team members do them well...the owner and I cannot remember the name of the second lady (quite useless, sorry). The rest are rather poor in massaging, so it is a pure waste of money.
    Agree on the facials and the atmosphere.
    The pedicures are poor, true.
    And the O2 bubble is merely a marketing tool.