Monday, June 11, 2012

A Glimpse of Japanese Heaven: Yamazato

What should a guy do to ask forgiveness if he does not keep his promise to his girl? In my case, he should bring me to a super yummy dinner! And that's what I got last week! :) Long story short, my husband ditched me during the weekend for a night out though he promised me earlier to be home after work..and as he felt guilty, he brought me to a special dinner. Where? Yamazato :)

We were there about two years ago with our friends for their wedding present and I remembered it as an amazing experience! So, we were wondering if it still lives up to its standard.

This is what I put on on the lovely Tuesday night! I literally just got my whole orders delivered from Forever 21 the day before and totally in love with the mint lace blouse! A good occasion to wear it!
1. Blouse, Forever 21
2. Necklace, Forever 21
3. Hair piece, H&M
4. Jegging, A&F
5. Shoes, Stuart Weitzman 
6. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff
Greeted by lovely waitresses with kimono, we started our dinner with an aperitief of cherry sparkling wine. We then ordered the 5 different sashimi menu plus soft shell uramaki with deep-fried soft shell crab and california uramaki with king crab- avocado sushi rolls as starters. If you're a sashimi lover, it's like being in CLOUD 9! So.. good! and the sushi's size was huge! They were definitely way bigger than my expectation and taste wise.. NO COMPLAINT at all!
For our main dish, we decided to go all in with the Sukiyaki. Not a cheap one but it was superb! The waitress will do all the cooking for you so you just have to sit and enjoy the whole experience. They first asked us if we would like to have it like the 'Japanese' way! So what's the Japanese way? YOU HAVE TO EAT IT WITH RAW EGG! Literally after your beef is cooked according to your taste (medium rare, well done, etc) then you will have to dip it to the raw egg.
I love the sukiyaki (best one I've had so far) and my whole experience at Yamazato! It's not something that I can do often when I'm craving for Japanese food (so expensive!!....... I have to settle for other Japanese restaurants). But if you have special occasion to celebrate, Yamazato can be one of your options.. it's FANTASTIC!

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