Saturday, June 2, 2012

Foodism in the U.S. (Part 2: Asian)

Following our first foodism journey in US, this post will review all the Asian's food that we had during our 8 days trip (yes.. people, we ATE a lot)!

My husband has been dying to try the pork bun at Momofuku from the first time he saw David Chang's video somewhere on youtube and ofcourse from all the buzz around Momofuku, who does not want to try?? And indeed the pork bun was so delicious! We ordered 2 portions (total 4 pieces) and trust me.. I could eat way more than 4! We did not want to stuff ourselves that day so we ordered quite reasonable amount :). We just added a portion of fried duck dumpling and spicy fingerling potatoes with chili black bean sauce. They are both ok but nothing compares to the Pork Bun!
Verdict: MUST TRY!

Address: 207 2nd Ave 

Just across the Ssam Bar, you can find the Milk Bar. Not much option is available but we did try the soft serve cereal milk (plus free cereal ice cream to try). As I'm not the biggest fan of drinking milk in general (unless if it's inside coffee, it's bit too much for me). But if you're there anyway and want to try the whole Momofuku's experience,  get one and share it!

Address: (multiple locations) but if you are eating at Ssam Bar, 251 E 13th ST is located just in front of it

Ok.. we love food but as it was our first NY experience, we did not really have the time to explore the most authentic Chinese around Flushing. But I did do my research to check where I could find one of the best xiao long bao around. After reviewing food blog and recommendation from one of my besties who used to live in NYC, we went to Joe's Shanghai at Chinatown.

Having used to the dim sum portions in the Netherlands, we ordered 2 portions of xiao long bao (1 pork and 1 shrimp). Surprise.. surprise, the portion is GINORMOUS! A portion is like 3 times of what they offer in NL! And not to forget, we even ordered extra 2 dishes shredded beef with carrots on top and eggplants! The result: takeaway beef and eggplant for the next day breakfast :). All worth it, xiao long bao is delicious (I prefer the pork one). Once you bite them, the combination of  soup, meat and ginger vinegar are all melting inside your mouth. It's LOVELY!

Address: (multiple locations), but if you can't make it to Queens, better try the one at 9 Pell Street

I was craving badly to eat Sichuan food and I found one at Chelsea which is quite close to our hotel (1 subway stop). It's really one of the most delicious Sichuan restaurants I have ever tasted! We even came twice during our 8 days in NYC.

My ultimate favorite dish is definitely the Cucumber with fresh garlic. It sounds so simple, but so tasty and refreshing! I have no idea how we can make that, please if you've ever tasted that delicious cucumber or know how to make it, DO SHARE with me please, I'm dying to know the secret recipe! I forgot to take pictures on our second visit (due to our hunger and greediness when we were eating), so pictures I put here are only showing what we had on our first visit. But in summary, other than the cucumber (which we ordered the 2 times we were there), we had au zhou spicy chicken, kung bao chicken, braised beef fillets with chili sauce and house spicy beef. For us, the beef dishes were better! But they are definitely one not to miss out in NY! - note: service is as not one to expect, but don't judge on it, just think of the food.

Address: (multiple locations) but the one that I love so much is at 229 9th Ave

I love Donburi-Ya!!! My second night in NYC (although I so love Shake Shack)! I was missing rice so badly and my head kept on giving me orders to eat donburi. So I checked online and found this place! Located in the Japanese area, this place is very authentic Japanese. All people who work there are Japanese and almost all the customers are also Japanese. I got the yakiniku don and my husband took the tonkatsu don. So good........ and portion is big!

Address: 137 E 47th St 
Located just couple of blocks from our hotel, this is also one of the restaurants that we visited more than once for lunch! We were always there early (like around 11.45) so we always got table and had no issue of running out of yakitori stocks. If you are ordering a lot of yakitori, they might be a bit pricey for your pocket but a good solution for a great value lunch is to order the menu. You will get miso soup, some pickles, salad and the main dish. The Totto Don is definitely the best to choose for me (love chicken balls) and the Oyako don is also delicious!

If you want to order separately for the yakitori, I recommend the Yaki Nasu Miso Dengaku (eggplant with miso), Nankotsu Tsukune (meatball mix), and the Negi Pon (pork loin with scallion and ponzu). But I guess, all the yakitori there are super tasty!

Address: 215 W 55th St

Not that much pictures to reflect this yummy Thai Restaurant chain around Hell's Kitchen but there are literally 2 Yum Yum next to another! We tried both and both are delicious. The price is very reasonable! So if you want to eat in a relax environment and do not want to spend a lot of money, it's a good place to go.

Address: multiple locations (but they are literally next to each other) 650 9th Ave

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