Friday, June 1, 2012

Foodism in the U.S. (Part 1: Fast Food)

Guilty as charge! I have not yet being updated this blog for a while.. (well.. daily life has been busy as Amsterdam's weather is moving towards the beauty of the sun)! :) . So after almost 1 month from our trip to US, I finally put myself to write about my food adventures in the US. First review is in regards to all the Fast Food that I had in DC and NYC. ENJOY!

1. Washington DC 
In regards to all the buzz that I've heard about this place, it's not that special! I don't find the chili hot at all (although they warned us already that it's spicy)! But this could be due to my Indonesian heritage - I can handle spicy to a different level..  :D but my husband also said that it wasn't spicy at all (and believe me.. his hot level is nothing compared to mine).

One thing for sure, it's very fatty and FULFILLING (which we love). Each of us ordered the chili dog and we shared the chili cheese fries. It's definitely more than enough! We are both very big eater and we were super full just by eating the chili dog and the shared fries! 
So is it worth the hassle to wait in line for a chili dog? Could be an option if you want to see all the famous hanging pictures of Obama, Sarkozy and major celebrities who popped in at Ben's while eating your chili dog! Other than that...... not that necessary!

Address: 1213 U Street Northwest

2. New York
We first spot Chipotle when we were in Washington but only ate at New York! After almost 5 hours of bus drive from DC to NYC, we were starving like crazy and found one of the Chipotle's chains at 8th Ave. Each of us took the bowl and we LOVE it! It's remarkably simple food but taste wonderful (and healthy.. uhmm..)! So much of impression that we came back at the last day to have lunch there! Definitely one of the best chains' I've ever had in my life!

Address: multiple locations

This is literally the best burger I've had in my whole entire life! OMG.. the bread.. the black angus.. everything is PERFECT!I envy all of you who have Shake Shack around the corner! The shack burger is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and the Vanilla Milkshake (AAA....). I'm even drooling just by writing about Shake Shack.
We also tried the hot dog and it's not bad at all (for me way better than Ben's Chili Dog). I love the Shack-cago Dog.
So should you be afraid and back off when you see the long line of Shake Shack? NO WAY! WAIT IN LINE! totally worth the wait.. it's one thing you should NEVER EVER MISS!

Address: multiple locations (suggestion for NY: go to the one at Madison Square Park, East 23rd Street - over looking the Flatiron building and, you're also sitting at the park)!

At one point, we were craving for chicken wings. So we went to hell's kitchen area which is just 1 block away from our hotel and found Atomic Wings. Ordered small onion ring and small waffle fries (look at that size, definitely XL portion in Europe) and each of us ordered 10 chicken wings. I couldn't even finish mine. My husband got the Jerk BBQ and I had the hot wings. His was definitely better than mine, mine tasted more like wings with A LOT OF tabasco! So lesson to take, don't take the spicy range wings!

Address: 528 9th Ave

NYC best burger?? uhmmm not for us.. SHAKE SHACK all the way! It's not bad but definitely not the best (fries were really bad), place is super small so you have to be quite lucky to get a seat. Line was long (even though we came around 2). But the whole idea of this place is very interesting! Tuck behind thick curtain next to the reception at Le Parker Meridien, Burger Joint definitely steals the whole scene!

Address: 119 West 56th Street

One of the most talk about Pizza in NYC (didn't have the chance to try the others). We stick to the cheese pizza. The thin crust with the melted cheese was indeed yummy. But was it the best pizza I've ever eaten? Nope.. Da Michele in Naples still my number 1! Nothing will beat that..

Address: 7 Carmine Street

The portion is huge! But mainly due to the thick layers of pastrami and corned beef within the sandwich :) plus you will get GINORMOUS pickles :D. For $ 18, it's definitely not a cheap sandwich. Do I like it? well, the pastrami sandwich is ok.. but for me, after couple of bites, I felt that it's too meaty. The corned beef sandwich was dry. Indeed it's one of the most famous sandwich joint in NYC, so if you want to try, just get the pastrami (and share it).


End of part one .. and the winner of my fast food craze = SHAKE SHACK 

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  1. This is so cruel! Everything looks delicious. Hmmm I think I know what to prepare for dinner :).