Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Say Hello to Rotterdam New Hot Spots!

Last weekend my hubby and I went for a visit to our old hood, Rotterdam! Truly, I have been dying to go to Rotterdam for a while since one of my friends who is living there told me about this new Sichuan Restaurant and how she loves the food! (bummer.. the should have opened it when I was still living there). Located at the address Hang 33, San San is just what I have expected! Delicious and.. finally a real proper Sichuan restaurant.. SPICY!!!! PS: when we went for dinner, it's empty because of the Netherlands EK2012 first game (well.. we didn't miss any since they LOST 1-0 against Denmark). Hence, make sure to make reservation if you want to go for dinner as most of the time it's SUPER FULL!
From the outside, it does not look that special, but when you walk in.. it's lovely. The decoration of the place is very modern, clean (not like a lot of chinese restaurants) and very much representing the chinese culture! I love how they use the bird cage (colored them in red) as hanging lamp!

My lovely friend Jing (who always updates me all the great food in Rotterdam and promotes San San) is a Shanghainese origin and I gave her all my trust to order the food (well.. also due to the fact that she's been going to San San for a numerous time) :). She ordered for starters two cold dishes: a traditional Sichuan dish of beef lungs with sichuan pepper (left picture) and sesame chicken (right picture).  They were absolutely WONDERFUL and spicy! I can't even mention which one I like best.. both are MUST ORDER DISH if you go to San San. Just to let you know they have 3 different level of spiciness! So if you don't say any word, they will put the medium level (it's hot enough) and if you're chinese origins who can handle SUPER SPICY, you can ask for even the 4th level! Well, I don't suggest the 4th level.... as the medium one is quite spicy (even for me who can handle SPICY)!
For our main dish, we decided to take the (left to right ) a big bowl of fish soup (forgot the name, cumin lamb, sizzling beef and Ma Po Tofu. My fave? Definitely the sizzling beef, to die for..
Unfortunately, out of the 4 of us who ate there, my dearest other other half (not my hubby but my bff Keita who's Japanese) cannot handle spicy as well as Jing, my hubby and I. He was sweating like crazy after eating 1 bite of the chicken sesame. So, we ended up taking the main dishes with spicy level 1 :). Here is a pic of my with Keita! We have almost 'matching' outfit color! 
And to complete our journey before going back the A'dam, we stopped by at YoYo; the new Bubble Tea place at Karel Doormanstraat. Finally, a proper bubble tea place in Holland! I took the taro&coco milk tea with lychee popping (yumm) and hubby got jasmine milk tea with coffee jelly. I love them...  taste exactly like what I had back in Asia!
So the whole journey back in Rotterdam = SUCCESSFUL eating! love love love.. can't wait to get back soon!

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