Saturday, April 21, 2012

Je t'aime La Marelle

Today as I went to the city centre @ Amsterdam, I passed by a store which sells must have gadgets called By Popular Demand (BPD) at the corner of Spuistraat en de Raadhuisstraat. There are a lot of cute things sold but one brand which caught my attention immediately is La Marelle.
The first thing I saw when I walked in was the list of notebooks. They sell La Marelle 3 packs of notebooks and the travel notebook (it's filled with different pages with cute images) which is definitely one notebook you want to have when you're traveling! 
And then I saw the rack of I-phone case and OMG! It's so.. adorable (and the price is really ok!) and at that specific moment, I really wished that I had an I-phone instead of Blackberry!
Well after the visit, I went directly online to check the website. This French based brand has so many to offer! From stationary, home decorations, accessories, jewelries, to the cutest paper lanterns. For me personally, I'm head over heels over this cloud necklace, ribbon brooch (which I found in the website) and the paper lanterns!
(necklace, ribbon brooch and paper lanterns, images: la marelle)

Je t'aime La Marelle!

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