Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Asian Upsurge

Over the past years, we've heard and seen the uprising of young American designers with Asian background. And they are definitely giving different edge in the fashion world! Far from classical designs, they are not afraid in going mainstream with their cool, youth and edgy designs! Moving their way from the different streams that Anna Sui and Vera Wang have brought or the avant-garde works of Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, these 4 designers are so talented that I just have to write my admiration towards them:

So here are my top AmRasians:

1. Phillip Lim
My love for Phillip Lim has grown over the last 1 year.. and by now, I'm HEAD OVER HEELS! I will be honest.. it's love at first sight. The love appeared when I first saw 'Pashli Bag' in green for his FW11 collection. I just can't take my eyes of it.

Born in 1973 in Thailand with Chinese ancestry, Phillip Lim has built a household name in fashion with his 3.1. label. List of celebrities have been spotted wearing his creations ranging from apparel to accessories.

For me personally, his collections for 2012 have been my favourite, especially the HOUR Bag. I've been dying to see this bag in personally (can't find it so far in Amsterdam) and ofcourse, to see if it looks good on me (which is definitely going to make it really hard for me to let it go and I will end up buying it) :)

Other than that, I love the slim fit acid jeans which I saw in the website! Argh.. I think it will be very hard for me to get out empty handed from the flagship store in New York :)

2. Alexander Wang
CHICH mix with ROCK GRUNGE! that's what I see when I think of Alexander Wang. Born to Taiwanese parents, Alexander Wang launched his first collection in 2007 and has since been sub-merging as one of the most talk about designers.

It's quite hard not to notice the craziness when Rocco was first introduced! A-lister celebrities have been seen carrying it everywhere and since then not only has Rocco becomes a must have 'classic' bag but also.. reviving the importance of STUDS in the fashion world!Other than Rocco, Alexander also made quite an entrance with the introduction of Diego, Robyn and Kirsten collections on his bags' line.

On the apparel side, Alexander Wang is mainly focusing so far on Ready-to-Wear collections (including the cheaper range of T-by Alexander Wang). Ooo not to forgetting, his footwear collections are FLAWLESS! Love Love Love.. (below is my current fave hot list that I really want from his new collection JOELLE).

3. Derek Lam
Born in San Francisco from Chinese Ancestry, Derek Lam was known previously as the vice president of design for Michael Kors' Kors line. In 2003, Derek Lam started his own label which is mainly focusing on Ready-to-Wear collections. In addition to his own label, Lam is currently Tod's creative director for its ready-to-wear and accessories collections.

So far I've not yet seen a store in Amsterdam where I can find his collections but always when I browse through his website, my jaw drops! They are so beautiful..His ready-to-wear collections (not that I have the money to buy it), well if I do.. I definitely don't mind :). Just take a look at the below, they are amazing! The colors, the cutting.. simple, playful and yet sassy!

And in regards to my fave bag from Derek Lam, for sure, the award will go to the Small Anthea bag.

4. Jason Wu
The man behind Michelle Obama's dress @  inaugural balls on the night of President Barrack Obama's inauguration. But before he was making dresses for Michelle Obama, believe it or not.. Wu was all about Dolls! Yup,Wu started his career free lancing as doll's clothing design and now he has emerged as a designer with elegance and sophistication.

As I'm very very very much into bags, ofcourse I have to show the eye-catcher Wu's Daphne bag which I find so ADORBS! This bag is inspired 40's frame bag with modern touch and then named from model Daphne Groeneveld (HOORAAY HOLLAND).

Well that's about it, my summary of these 4 designers! Now is time for me to save up and decide what I will bring next month home from NYC!


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