Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

I've noticed Jennifer from The Winter's Bone and have since love her.. and ofcourse since I'm a big Hunger Games' fan, can't help it to even like her more!

What I love about Jennifer Lawrence is that she does not seem to fall on the 'standard' Hollywood wannabe actress! She doesn't seek for attentions, very much comfortable with herself and trying to live life ordinary. One other thing.. she's one healthy woman (not trying to be a 'stick' as everyone else)! In addition to that, OMG..her face is gorgeous, she has the 'classical' look which is to die for. Even without makeup, I find her so cute! 

Talking about her fashion sense, she knows exactly what's good and not for her! Red carpets for Jennifer always end up as FLAWLESS results and in daily life, she is more on the simplicity side)!

Check out the below list of Jennifer's looks for her Hunger Games Promotional Tour. I can't pick which one I love the best but I definitely love what she wore for the London, Good Morning America and Madrid event!

All of that in combination with her acting skills.. she's definitely one to watch for......

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