Friday, April 27, 2012

New Addition to the Household

So.. during last easter day, I went to the biggest flea market (Ij-Hallen) at Amsterdam North with my husband and some friends. My main goal was to find some vintage decorations for the house! And the best part.. I've got what I've been wanting for AGES...VINTAGE SUITCASE.
Got it for very reasonable price.. and in perfect condition! You can see the aging of the form and that it's been used (labels, dirt..)! Absolutely love it..............!
There are a lot of things being sold @ Ij-Hallen (some of them are total junks) but if you are very much into vintage hunting.. it's definitely HEAVEN! Hundreds stalls of accessories, furnitures, clothing, jewelries.. all what you can think of. I for sure will come back there ..
So you're around Amsterdam during the Ij-Hallen schedule, do check it out! Next on schedule is 5-6th May. It's so much fun as you can also experience the free boat ride from the stop behind Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam North (when it's nice weather.. it's really nice!!).

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