Thursday, April 26, 2012


Fashion can be used as a statement for good cause! And since 2008, H&M has been supporting the awareness towards AIDS/HIV by issuing the FASHION AGAINST AIDS collections. This year collection is mostly inspired by African tribal designs. Below you can find overview of H&M FAA 2012 collection:

My personal favorites are the tribal bustier, acid short jeans and the tribal legging! I'm so going to check myself inside H&M this weekend and try them up! Well at least, if I'm buying, they will go to charity. H&M confirms that 25% of its revenues will be given to AIDS/HIV awareness projects.

In addition to that, you can also help by donating uploading your kiss . JOIN!!!!!! Go to the link and upload your kiss. H&M will donate to HIV/AIDS prevention for every upload $1! I, myself uploaded the picture which was taken before I got married! It's a picture with my parents .. I Love it so much.. 
Collection is out April 26th 2012. Go check your nearest H&M stores or online and support Fashion Against AIDS!

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