Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Channeling Coachella 2012

What's Coachella for those of you who don't know!?

Coachella is an annual 3 days music, art festival which takes place @ Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It's one of those festivals where you can find not only big names in music industry but also lots of celebrities wandering around, celebrating the atmosphere! For me personally, Coachella is an event to spot amazing outfits!

If you've been surfing around to check out the outfits surrounding Coachella, you definitely find lots of thumbs up and also some which you might be thinking.."* WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING"!*??

Browsing through the Coachella's 2012 (week 1) gallery, I've chosen some of my favorites! From celebrities' look, my main pick goes to model Dree Hemingway! I fell in  when I saw her in Mulberry Pool Party with the Dolce and Gabbana bustier and skirt. She was not trying too hard with all the 'hippies' wannabe look. Keep it simple but still playful, fresh, chic and ofcourse.. festival street style! 
Second one is Kate Bosworth. That girl knows how to bring the hotness of 'street' outfit! The white flowery blouse she wore on the 4th picture is to die for.

The main offender for me is Vanessa Hudgens. Looking at how she dressed up.. she seemed like a 'hippie' wannabe or whatever it was (especially with that 'indian's hat!?!? the make up... OMG) so not natural for her (even Paris Hilton looks normal compares to her)! If she kept it simple, I bet she would look fabulous!
But in general, Coachella is a fashion ground! I've put on a collage of outfits which bring the energy of Coachella alive!
Though Coachella 2012 has ended, it's the sign for the start of festival's season throughout the world! In Holland itself, there will be numerous festivals starting from this April (unfortunately I'll be going to none though I would love to go to Lowlands this year since BLOC PARTY is playing!). Well as tickets are sold out and money is low .. I'll be just putting 5 list of outfits/accessories that represent the 'festival' life (besides all the necessary like rain boots, rain coats, etc):

1. Short denim pants
2. Chuck Taylor All Start (the older the better)
3. Tank Top
4. Hairbands
5. Sunglasses

Thumbs up for you guys who are going to any festival in 2012! Don't forget to enjoy dressing up.. :)

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