Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff

Over the past years, Rebecca Minkoff has gained a lot of recognitions from fashion lovers. San Diego born Rebecca started designing and sewing clothes from elementary through high school and with her passion towards fashion, she then decided to pursue her fashion career in New York.

Rebecca's fame started to raise in 2005 when she introduced her purse line. Her main focus was to create purses that fit well day and night in all types of outfits and main important thing .. FASHIONABLY AFFORDABLE!

Since then, Rebecca Minkoff's hand bags can be spotted everywhere! The Minkette's community has been getting bigger and bigger.. even A-list celebrities are part of the Minkette's.

So what is the top-notch of Rebecca Minkoff's collection? Truly, I can't pick one, too many that I like.. But if I have to choose from her latest line.. here are my top list:

1. Circle Quilt Swint
Classic style (black - chain, reminds me to Chanel to some extend but in a more young and playful way)

2. M.A.C (all of them.. mini or standard size)
This is one essential to have Minkoff's collection. For me personally, I really like the Ostrich Embossed M.A.C. Bombe and the Perf Weave M.A.C. (like what Jennifer Lawrence has)! So adorbs...

Ostrich Embossed M.A.C. Bombe

Perf Weave M.A.C

3. 5-Zip Clutch
Last but not least.. the super cute 5-Zip Clutch! Simple but has the edgy look! Love it.. 

Well, other than all those amazing bags, I'm also in love with the Bardot Sandals. It has 3 different colors.. (and I admit I want them all)! They are perfect for summer!

Arghhh.. more list to check when I'm off to NYC next month! :) :) til' then, I will just browse through the website and day dream of being a Minkette!

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